Mystery Machine 2-3
250km/day Allowance
Sleeps 2/3
Seats 2/3
Wicked Paintjobs
Ice Cooler
Manual & Auto Available
Kitchenette & Cookware

Mystery Machine 2-3

This year we notched up our 150,000th Australian hire and these babies have well and truly become iconic on Aussie roads! Sometimes in life, less is more. Some of the best experiences you will have in life happen when you have to improvise – and these Iconic Campervans are full of such experiences. Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.

  • 250km Per Day KM Allowance*
  • Available in 2 or 3-Sleeper
  • Bed 1.45m W x 1.85m L
  • Rear Kitchenette
  • Ice Cooler & Gas Cooker
  • Plates, Cups & Bowls
  • Internal table and lounge
  • Saucepan + Fry Pan
  • Manual & Auto Available
  • Best value way to see Australia
Optional Extras
  • Camp Stools & Table
  • Under 21 Drivers
  • Up to 4 Extra Drivers
  • GPS Hire Available
  • Automatic Transmission Available on Request
  • Request a rooftop stage when booking a 3 seater (Subject to availability)
*All Wicked Campers include an allowance of 250kms Per Day.

For Example, if you hire for 10 Days, you will have a total trip allowance of 2,500kms. Any additional kms travelled will be charged at the end of hire at a rate of AU$0.25 per km.

Extra Miles/Kms can be pre-purchased when booking your campervan online.

For Australians & NZ Drivers: Green & Red P’s ok.

For International Drivers: An International License is NOT required to hire our vehicles*

*Police in some Australian States may ask you for a translated version of your license if it is not in English.

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