High 5-Sleeper Campervans

High 5-Sleeper Campervans

Wicked Campers High Five van is a high-top dream machine, the ultimate home away from home...

Do you have 4 friends? If yes, you are very lucky. You may also be interested in taking a roadtrip in one of our super hi-top psychedelic 5-seater campervans! There's beds for all of you and plenty of room inside to do things like talking politely and taking drugs.

Specifications Optional Extras

  • 250kms Per Day KM Allowance*
  • Sleeps and Seats 5 Adults
  • Fold-Down Seats for a Double Bed
  • Climb up Top for another Double Bed!
  • Rear Kitchenette
  • Ice Cooler & Gas Cooker
  • Plates, Cups & Bowls
  • Internal Table and Lounge
  • Saucepan + Fry Pan
  • Auto Transmission
  • Best value way to see Australia

  • Camp Stools & Table
  • Under 21’s Permitted
  • Up to 4 Extra Drivers allowed!
  • GPS Hire Available
*All Wicked Campers include an allowance of 250kms Per Day.

For Example, if you hire for 10 Days, you will have a total trip allowance of 2,500kms. Any additional kms travelled will be charged at the end of hire at a rate of AU$0.25 per km.

Extra Miles/Kms can be pre-purchased when booking your campervan online.

License Requirements

For Australians & NZ Drivers: Green & Red P’s ok.

For International Drivers: An International License is NOT required to hire our vehicles*

*Police in some Australian States may ask you for a translated version of your license if it is not in English.

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